How 70’s fashion is back

Fashion is a trend that is dated back in history, it is a means through which people express themselves through styles. Over the years, fashion has gone beyond the clothes one puts on to the hairdo, the accessories, bags and shoes. Different fashion trends are springing up and the truth is that there is nothing new in the fashion industry that has not existed in the past. The fashion trend of the present age is an advancement of the fashion trends in the past.

70’s fashions are fashion styles that were accepted during that period. During the 70’s they had interesting fashions which are back, these fashion trends include:


A woman would do anything to rock her heels, high heel gives a woman that classy look which makes her outfits fit well on her. Back in the day, women used platforms as a way of getting that height and balance. Presently, platforms are back with a different modern touch for you to choose from. It comes in shoes, boots or sandals. The obvious thing about the platform is the thick high sole.

High-waisted jeans

This is trending, the low waist jeans for women are gradually making way for high-waisted jeans. The high-waisted jean helps you accentuate your narrow waist, giving you that feminine look.

Hot Pants: Hot pants are back and they come with great designs for you to choose from. Hot pants are extremely short shorts, they can be worn for leisure with a free top or spaghetti top. If you want that sophisticated look, then you can pair them with a button-up blouse.

Circular sunglasses

This is still in style, this sunglasses frame shape has been around for a long time and it is not going away anytime soon. People love it, it tends to fit a lot of people especially those with sharp angular features.


This is a material mostly worn by celebrities, it is not common but it is still in trend. Chevron materials come with a unique zig-zag pattern. This design was created by Tai and Rosita Missoni, the design is cute and can be used in making different styles.

Fringe Jacket

Fringe jackets can be seen worn by models and celebrities in shows and runways. A fringe jacket is a jacket that has fringes. Fringe jackets can be rocked with denim shorts, it can also be worn with a pair of black leggings. You can create your style with a fringe jacket.

Knotted tops

This is a top that has a twist or bows in it and it is still accepted in this 21st century. The knot top look can be achieved by tying the front part of your top thereby creating a knot, this is a simple look but has become very popular. This can be paired with a knee-length skirt or skinny jeans with a pair of sneakers.

Floppy collars

This is a top trend in 2021, it has been gaining momentum for the past few seasons and it is being incorporated into different fashion styles.