Human beings are all about self-preservation and are inclined to foresee the worst-case situation, so if you’re encircled by individuals who have weapons, it’s only natural to assume you’ll need one as well. This doesn’t address why firearms got so popular in the first place, but it does illustrate why the problem endures. And if you had a gun for self-defense rather than aggressiveness, you’d be devastated to lose it.

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Why is gun ownership allowed in the US?

Despite what people think, the most frequent motive for gun violence, according to a Gallup study from 2005, is defense. Guns are tools that people use to protect themselves against invaders. Someone may claim that this is a cop-out, that gun owners say this to appear virtuous and respectable, and that may be true in some cases. It is, nevertheless, the most typical response offered by juvenile people jailed for …

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