Traditional clothes from all across the world

The world is enveloped by the fashion fire. Everyone takes great effort to learn about the new upcoming trends and buy them instantly. Although the world is reduced to a global village yet the traditional clothes from each country is still popularly worn. Few of them are worn regularly and few are worn on special occasions yet it’s an integral part of their identity. Sometimes fashion designers pick elements from traditional clothes from all across the world and  incorporate them in their design. So if you’re a fashionista it’s very good to know about the few famous traditional clothes from all across the world. So here are few of them,


1.Kebaya; Indonesia:  Kebaya emerged in between 16th and 17th century. It is still popularly worn by women in Bali and other parts of Indonesia. Originally it was a blouse with a sarong but a lot of variety is present now. From ex presidents to common people, everyone can be found wearing Kebaya. It holds a lot of importance in their culture. It is considered as their national dress. It can be made of silk, cotton, polyester, nylon etc.  Mostly elaborate embroidery is done over them which not only holds the …

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