T-Shirt Printing

With Christmas returning its time and energy to get ready for festive themed events. T-shirt printing is a great choice for those aiming to stand out throughout the Christmas period to advertise their business or just look fashionable. There are many reasons why people arrived at the Ad logo at Christmas for made to order t-shirts and that we will explore some of those reasons on this page. Printing services aren’t just offered by a time of the year with us, call us any time of the season and we will offer the same high-quality service.

Direct to garment printing is really a digital printing system that transfers excellent images or lettering directly to the garment. It’s quick, efficient and long-lasting, which makes it a wonderful way to generate customized apparel in promoting a conference or advertise a purchase. DTG printing can perform reproducing photos or another type of artwork, in order to really get creative using the form of message you want to convey.

Three Printing Techniques

Each of these three printing techniques has its own unique requirements, strengths, and weaknesses. For instance, digital printing works best with white or light-colored fabrics, and the printed design tends to fade a bit after the first wash. This technique is usually reserved for transfer images which may have many colors or when blending is necessary. Also, these kinds of custom t shirts usually cannot be ironed.

At the Ad logo, you will find there’s a full range of printing techniques pick from including screen printing, digital transfer, and embroidery. We also give you a 48-hour express service if you decide to require your customized t shirts printing singapore on the go, we will be guaranteed to get them to you immediately. Whether you’re looking for our t-shirt printing skills to your children’s party, fundraising event, hen or stag party and even within a uniform we can meet all your needs so go ahead and contact us on 01604 212256.

Solution – Remove unnecessary depth, try to keep the small design elements from touching other colors, and start using a tighter mesh screen for printing.


Being a designer I’m sure that you’ve got done a project that didn’t float your boat. Something that bored you, or perhaps a subject matter that simply would not appeal to your interest. It takes fun unemployed. On the other hand, whenever you’re focusing on something that inspires you, suddenly it isn’t really working on all. It’s something that ignites a spark in you, and you also wind up going the extra mile to generate the project incredibly. Keeping that plan, you should look for a theme because of this t-shirt design that inspires one to make a move great. The theme could possibly be anything from extreme sports to rock music. Anything is fair game.

One great way would be to consider getting the staff to wear a t-shirt with details of the promotion and cheap t-shirt printing makes it possible to do this without an excessive amount of a direct impact on your promotional budget.