Sweater Guide: What to Look for When You Buy a Jumper and How to Wear

Wearing a sweater protects you from catching a cold or keeping you warm, but it also makes you maintain a fashionable look. Gone are the days when sweaters get worn in the confines of the house or casual events. Over the years, professionals in their various workplaces now own a collection of high-quality sweaters that complement their work wears. Just like other materials or dresses, you can also purchase lovely and fashionable sweaters that will not only perform the task of keeping you warm but also looking elegant and dashing. The mission of getting your perfect fit, color, and style is effortless as there are several online stores to patronize -Take, for instance, Label Fashion.

However, there are quite a few essential things to look out for when you want to buy a jumper (sweater). These things are crucial in determining the durability and quality of the sweaters:


It is essential to know the material used in making your preferred sweater. One of the primary functions of sweaters is to offer protection during cold or harsh weather. If the material is not so thick, then that particular sweater offers no shield from cold. Checking the material will also help to make you decide if you want to go for it. For instance, some materials are not so thick and may pull out very soon. There are different types of sweater materials; they include Wool, Alpaca, Linen, Cotton, Silk, amongst others. It is, therefore, essential for you to know the one you prefer before purchasing a sweater.


Style is another crucial factor to consider while looking out for sweaters to purchase. Knowing the various styles of sweaters available will make you have numerous options and taste to select as your preferred choice. Sweaters that will fit better into the office setting or environment are Crew Neck, V-Neck, Turtle Neck (when worn with a suit). The ones appropriate in a casual setting are Notch Neck, Shawl Neck, Roll neck, Button-Down /Zip Sweaters.

Color and Pattern

Sweater Colors and Patterns are also important things to consider while looking out to purchase a sweater. Sweaters like other clothing come in different patterns and colors that could be confusing; however, if you know the color and preferred pattern that goes with your office or casual wear, you will eventually make a great choice.


One of the biggest mistakes most of us make is checking the price of the sweater alone without checking for other essential factors. Price is also a determinant factor in your purchase of the sweater; however, it should be left for the last after other factors are okay.

The following are the basic things you need to know how to wear sweaters:

  • Crew Neck is an official sweater style that should get worn with clothes whose neckline is not pinched by the round neck sweater.
  • V-Neck should become worn with a buttoned-down shirt. V-Neck sweaters can also get worn with a tie as there is room for a visible necktie.
  • Wear a mock neck with a suit to make the look softer yet classy, not with an evening wear
  • Roll neck sweaters should not become worn in a formal setting. It could be worn with a jean and soft tee beneath to pull the perfect casual look.